The history of company group “ZDRAVMEDTECH” started in 1996 year. Today it includes 6 manufacturing enterprises in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Minsk (Belorussia), Chernigov (Ukraine).

The enterprises produce a wide range of surgical clothing and drapes and specialized operational sets for high-tech medical aiding.

Production facilities, material and technical base, qualification and experience of the staff, modern equipment and reliable technologies enable enterprise to produce high quality disposable surgical clothing and drapes, which meet the requirements of European Standard EN 13795.

Quality management system of the enterprises is certified according to the ISO 9001-2001, ISO 13485-2004.

To produce surgical clothing and drapes we use modern high-tech non-woven fabrics from the best world-known manufactures: Softesse®, Tyvek® (DuPont, USA), Мedicace® (RKW, Belgium), SMMS (Avgol, Israil, «Elastic» factory, Russia), adhesive layers, surgical films, fixators, PE-bags (3M, USA). To improve the barrier properties of clothing and drapes the ultrasonic technology “tight seam” is used.

All products of “ZDRAVMEDTECH” are registered in Russian Ministry of Health and has conformity certificates. “ZDRAVMEDTECH” products are also registered in European Union and has CE-certificates.

Introduction of the modern surgical clothing and drapes in medical practice, extension of the range of products, which comply with the requirements of modern medical technologies, are considered to be the basis of the long-term policy of “ZDRAVMEDTECH” group.