EDANA Symposium


From 15th till 16th of May the international symposium on Nonwovens got place in St Petersburg. It was organized by Association of nonwovens EDANA.

One of the speakers at the symposium was the President of the "ZDRAVMEDTECH" Association Alexander Ruchkin. He presented a report on the theme "The market of disposable medical clothing and drapes in Russia. Status and Prospects of Development ".

"Certainly, this is a significant event, which is an excellent platform for the exchange of relevant information on the global market of non-woven fabrics," - said Alexander Ruchkin.

The main topics of the EDANA Symposium, which attracted over 200 participants, were:

  • the market of hygiene products, personal care and medicine;
  • in the production of non-woven materials;
  • innovative technologies in thenonwovensindustry.

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