About the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation "On special aspects of supplies of medical products for state and municipal needs"


Union associations and enterprises of the medical industry, the Presidium of the All-Russian Public Council of the medical industry (ODS MP) have discussed the draft Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation "On special aspects of supplies of medical products for state and municipal needs" and decided to support it, because:

The proposed project aims to implement decisions of the management of the country to create a competitive domestic production of medical devices in order to meet the needs of the state in modern and affordable instruments, equipment, and medical devices. The document charges the development of the list of products, which should be purchased following the additional requirements; it will on the one hand allow for bidding only the competitive products, eliminating the poor quality goods from markets, on the other hand does not affect the area of ​​the Russian market in which medical devices of foreign production exceed domestic in terms of price and quality.

The adoption of the Resolution of the Russian Government will significantly increase the interest of foreign companies in the localization of production and the establishment of joint ventures in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The experience of localization of production in Russia 16-slice CT scanners and ultrasound equipment for firms General Electric Healthcare and Philips Healthcare confirms this. Only in 2011-2012 the hospitals of the country were supplied with over 180 machines produced by localized industries. In addition to high-tech equipment at a lower price, we get new manufacturing technology and quality control of products and the level of their service.

The draft ordinance provides requirements for products to be considered as products originating in the territory of the Customs Union, the procedure for calculating the ad valorem percentage in their price, and the creation of the Commission on the formation of medical devices that are subject to limit admission of goods for the purposes of procurement, which indicates that the objectivity of decisions.

The position on the peculiarities of the procurement will provide strong competition in the market of medical devices and require conversion industry to international standards will create the conditions for the production of high quality products and the formation of the modern domestic medical industry, able to meet the health care needs in the current uses of medical products, as provided for by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation May 7, 2012 "On improvement of public health policy."

Measures to support domestic manufacturers by ordering goods for state needs is a worldwide practice. As the leading countries of the world, both developed and developing states have consistently used these measures in its economic policy.

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