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In modern medicine the use of disposable clothing and linen is common practice.

Quality of clothing and linen is a guarantee of safety for both doctor and patient, which is accomplished by following strict requirements of European Standard (EN 13795):

  • linting
  • microbial purity
  • bacterial resistance
  • tension strength
  • breakage strength
  • water resistance

The reputation of a medical institution depends on a plenty of different factors. The use of quality clothing and linen helps to prove your reputation. The advantages of using disposable clothes and linen are obvious not only to people involved in medical industry, but to ordinary users as well:

  • decrease of number of post-operative complications
  • high absorption properties
  • ease of use (the products are properly folded, have marks with instructions, special fenestrations, adhesive edges, operational tapes, bags, applications etc)
  • no expenses on sterilization and maintaining the sterilizing facilities.
  • less time is needed for preparation and cleaning before operation.

ZDRAVMEDTECH produces high quality disposable medical clothing and linen using modern non-woven materials of the leading Russian and international world-known manufacturers. Our automated production lines save lots of time and maintain consistently high quality of products and quality management system complies with ISO 13485.

ZDRAVMEDTECH – quality proved by the time!